Cultural Action and Training


The cultural action developed by Côté court means being out in the field, throughoutthe year, with the whole range of audiences. Short film has become an educational tool,a tool for discovery and openness, a way of seeing the other and developing an artisticsensitivity.


In partnership with the Région Île-de-France

Côté court supports a screenplay project proposed by a director selected by the festival in previous years. As part of the residency, the filmmaker will lead scriptwriting workshops and make short films which will be screened at a special session during the festival.

In partnership with the Departement de la Seine-Saint-Denis

Côté court supports an artist offering them an artist residency. This is also a space for transmission where the artist and the audiences of the Côté court festival and the Seine-Saint-Denis department can meet.


Portail de la Ville & ParcoursLa Culture et l’Art au Collège (CAC)In partnership with the Ville de Pantin & the Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis

The middle school art and culture programmes and the city workshopsprovide pupils in the department an opportunity to work for a whole academic year with a director on an artistic project. They take part in the creative process for making a short film which will be screened at the festival.

High school students and cinema students In partnership with the Acrif

Côté court provides educational opportunities as part of the programme for high school studentsand cinema students. After a presentation of the festival and the short film format in the classroom, students take part in the festival in full immersion to give them a better understanding of cinematographic creation.

For several years the Côté court festival has worked with public libraries in Pantin, at the prison in Villepinte and the hospital in Avicenne with workshops for cinema criticism or screenings to bring the festival into the town and reach out to audiences distanced from cinema theatres.

Côté court gives the inhabitants of Pantin their voice and the opportunity to experience life on the jury.


To make films, you have to make films ! If you want to try, just go for it ! (Paul Vecchiali)Côté court provides tailor-made support for young directors who want to professionalise their activity, and to refine and develop their desire to create.

In partnership with Cinémas 93

Cinémas 93 and Côté court, with their roots deeply anchored in the territory and their proximity to a pool of young directors in the Île de- France, wanted to work together to set up L’Atelier : a tailor-made support system for three up and coming directors in the Seine-Saint- Denis department. The aim of L’Atelier is to encourage the desire for film, by providing quality training, supervised over a year by experienced directors. This experience is designed to support budding filmmakers through monthly meetings for work and exchanges, professional meetings,modules for technical initiation and cultural visits. The three chosen candidates must have a link with Seine-Saint-Denis (birthplace, place of study or place of residence) and must not have had any initial training in cinema.

The Young Director Pass gives budding directors access to the whole of the festival. It enables them to attend the workshops run by cinema professionals on specific themes for each session: writing, casting, searching for producers. The Pass is also available to secondary school students involvedin cultural actions at Côté court. This proposal gives them full immersion in the festival and made to measure support for the most curious.

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